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Originality manufacturing | Liabel packaging how to boost the brand “can assign product value

China is the world's largest consumer market, and also the main engine of global economic growth. The consumption market of wine, food, beverage, daily chemicals, cosmetics, beauty makeup and other categories in China has become the focus of attention in the global industry. Foreign brands are pouring in at an accelerating pace, new domestic brands are emerging in an endless stream, and domestic products are competing with each other. Especially in today's social and economic tide, the speed of commodity circulation is rapid, the speed of elimination is also extremely fast, if the product wants to stand out in the market, simply rely on the excellent nature of the product is not enough, in the packaging design skillfully use printing process and special materials combined, can make the product image get a new sublimation, promote the mutual achievement of goods and packaging.


With the formation of the industry pattern of domestic brands and international brands competing on the same stage, new domestic brands continue to upgrade their products in the competition, leading the rise of high-quality Chinese product market. For the current hot topic of "the rise of new domestic goods", Mr. Lin of Liabel Packaging Company expressed his views on the 2021 China Packaging Innovation Forum. In Lin's opinion, local brands are winning more consumers, the rise of new domestic products is inevitable, the challenge and pressure is temporary. He points out that there are three conditions for the rise of domestic goods:

First, the cognition level of Chinese people on the quality of domestic products and imported products is gradually equal;

Two, Chinese people's cultural confidence has been built up;

Third, the pursuit of the ultimate sense of experience, efficacy and design fashion.


Without competition, there is no progress, but competition is not necessarily cannibalistic, a lot of the time it is a mutual promotion." Lin said to Liabel colleagues. Liabel Packaging, as an important link in the product packaging supply chain, has been actively promoting the high-quality development of China's packaging industry, enabling the rise of new domestic brands. To this end, Mr. Lin put forward countermeasures from six aspects: research and development innovation, qualification certification, category innovation, market development, marketing services and digital intelligent production.

First, research and development innovation

Liabel Packaging has already established a scientific research team of more than 8 people, and equipped various research and development laboratories. The annual sales expenses are not less than 5% into product research and development. At present, the company has issued 20 research and development patents, has been committed to promoting the efficient transformation of scientific research results, scientific and technological innovation for the incubation and rise of domestic brands escort.

Two, qualification certification

The company passed ISO9001-2000 quality certification system in 2008, and passed the international standard GMI printing system certification in 2021. And has a number of core product patent technology certificates.

Category innovation

Liabel advocates innovation and constantly develops new label printing process to meet the needs of customers and the market. The company has been leading the market with technological innovation, is the wind vane of the packaging industry, from the first stage of the traditional ordinary label, to shrink film, to today's photoengraving cat eye and platinum relief thermal transfer printing, UV transfer technology, the three stages of packaging technology and process, Liabel company has been leading the industry packaging upgrade. Liabel packaging brand in the market, brand customers are highly praised.

Fourth, market development

Liabel is the leading packaging company in the industry, whose products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, and provides packaging solutions and services for many domestic and foreign brands, including food, wine, beverage, daily cosmetics, beauty, cosmetics, health products, medicine and other brand customers. In 2021, we will actively layout the East China market and set up a marketing office to provide more responsive services for customers in the East China market.

Five, marketing services

Liabel has been deeply engaged in the packaging industry for many years, and has built a high-quality marketing team, data center, multimedia service and one-stop service platform business within the enterprise to enhance the marketing ability of the enterprise. In the process of serving customers of different brands, Liabel company also actively co-create and communicate with customers, and apply the accumulated experience and data into practice, such as the establishment of online packaging support club, multi-position support for product content creation, to give brand customers various service support.

Six, number intelligent production

Liabel company plans to invest heavily to build a modern industrial park production base of 40 mu in 3 years, and will develop to the direction of Industry 3.0 visual factory, to achieve intelligent production, accurate and rapid response, efficient production, and improve operation efficiency.

Under the guidance of the new national regulations, in the market trend of people's cultural confidence, market information transparency and consumption upgrading, Liabel Packaging will seize the "China time", carry forward the banner of China's packaging industry, with higher quality and service efficiency, provide strong supply chain support for the rise of domestic brands, and help the high-quality development of label packaging "Made in China".

Post time: Feb-23-2023