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Today’s label of hot explosive — gilding photolithographic shrinkable film sleeve label

Heat shrink film is a kind of film label printed on plastic film or plastic tube with special ink. In the process of labeling, when heated (about 90℃), the heat shrink label will quickly shrink along the outer contour of the container and close to the surface of the container.

Heat shrinkable label, because it can use the entire surface of the product packaging to present a variety of shapes and sizes of three-dimensional visual effects, can greatly improve the shelf performance of goods, the market is growing fast, in food and beverage, personal care, high-end spirits, craft beer and other fields of use surge, has become one of the hot applications in the label industry.

At present, almost all the markets for the heat shrinkable jacket target demand is increasing substantially. Compared with in-mold labels and self-adhesive label printing, brands are very fond of shrink sleeve labels, which can realize the special performance of 360° design on different shapes of containers, and blank universal containers can also be decorated during product filling, which can reduce some unnecessary risks. Currently, heat shrink sleeve labels have become the focus of brand packaging and marketing.

On the one hand, the brand can achieve a full 360° advertising effect on the product packaging. On the other hand, if the appropriate label materials are used, the brand can also achieve a greater degree of recycling and sustainable development.

★ Advantages of heat shrinkable film cover
➤ High transparency, bright color and bright color
➤ ➤ ➤ opposite-sex packaging products
➤ Compact and display ➤ product appearance
✔360° all-rounder
➤ Good wear resistance (inside printing), protect printing mark
➤ Sealed and moisture-proof


Heat shrinkable film sleeve label (silver laser/gold stamping)
★ Liabel packaging shrinkable film cover target leading technology ★
➤ Hot gold/silver
➤ Platinum relief
➤ ➤ ➤ Lithography
➤ Matte face
Silk screen in foreground


Beer and wine Thermoshrink film set label (platinum relief/Lithography laser)
★ Sustainable development trend of gilding photolithographic shrinkable film sleeve label ★
Heat shrinkable sleeve can not only provide more space for brand promotion, but also become a real differentiation product and enhance the value of the product. Heat-shrinkable sleeve label commonly used after processing decoration technology such as matte, bronzing, touch, smell and other characteristics can play a good role in this application. In addition, as brands and consumers increasingly pursue recyclable packaging, sustainability has become the most important development trend for shrink-wrap labels.

Post time: Feb-23-2023