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Positioning cold foil platinum relief shrink-wrap label

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Product name: Suitable for positioning of alcoholic products cold foil platinum relief shrinkable film sleeve label

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1. Product name: Suitable for positioning of alcoholic products cold foil platinum relief shrinkable film sleeve label

Product packaging field: Wine and spirits

Product introduction: The packaging of wine and spirits carries the identity and image of the brand. Liabel packaging label gives the bottle a stronger sensory effect and helps the brand promotion by using a unique eye-catching 3D effect platinum relief technology.

Other: Platinum relief shrinkable film label can also be used in daily cosmetics, food and condiments, medicine and other fields.

2. The platinum relief technology used in packaging printing is a very good choice to improve the appearance level of the product, which can not only provide a strong visual impact to the packaging, but also let customers and consumers shine at the moment and be full of surprises. So, what is the platinum relief technology?

Platinum relief refers to the holographic relief with platinum color and metal texture.

Liabel uses platinum relief technology to print out the product, compared with the general product packaging, with a metal-general luster, like the general color of platinum, visually, there is an obvious concave and convex sense, like the three-dimensional relief of the picture, but the touch is flat level.

Before the platinum relief technology, the industry is popular laser technology, the production of products show colorful rainbow colors, in addition to no texture, resolution and color reduction are very low, easy to cause consumer visual fatigue.

In contrast, the platinum relief not only has high precision resolution, but also brings a simple and elegant crystal transparent high-end texture, which is very obvious in the visual differentiation of the product.

3. Because it can make the packaging bright, eye-catching, and high anti-counterfeiting, platinum relief technology is often cited in high-end packaging such as cigarette packs, wine boxes, and daily chemicals. Technology that enables the appearance level of packaging can make products easier to attract the attention of consumers. In addition to the application of wine box packaging, we can also find the application of platinum relief technology in some high-end cosmetic packaging and cigarette packets.

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